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At present, the plastic plays an important role in the food packaging, widely used in food packaging and other products.Whether from the perspective of producers or consumers, plastic polymerization technology development will inevitably protection have a significant impact on food or beverage.To introduce the below is a new kind of polymer plastic - "three dimensional plastic", this kind of packing material may bring a revolution to the industry.
"Three-dimensional plastic" refers to the currently used by common plastic "with" other polymers, make its produce tiny, hollow three-dimensional structures that facilitate other small particles flow."Three-dimensional plastic" will form a new concept of packaging materials in its three-dimensional geometric structure, there can be placed active packaging materials, such as oxygen scavenger, preservatives or odor absorption agent and so on.The surfactant is generally in the form of small bag {TodayHot} and food at the same time is put in the packaging.
In the United States, "three-dimensional plastic" already tasted, diagnosis and treatment in areas such as the trial, the experts have begun to consider how to apply this technology in the food packaging, contribute to keep the food quality, especially for low moisture food, beverage, such as instant coffee has a long shelf life of candy, salty snacks and other vulnerable to environmental changes affect the shelf life of food.
The technological principle of the "three dimensional plastic"
"3 d plastic" key is the basic principle of active agent can not attached in the surface of the plastic, it may produce active agent to move and react with packaged food, affect food quality;At the same time, in theory, adhere to the number of plastic surface active agent could not achieve the result that has practical significance.
The "three-dimensional plastic" is the active packaging agent based plastic "embedded" into the interior, make form a barrier between agent and the packaging, active packaging don't contact with each other.In this case, the mobile agent active packaging will according to needs in the plastic, active and concentration under control.Active packaging material in the plastic mobile may, of course, is a state of latency.Although sometimes this delay is beneficial, but in most cases, in order to keep the product quality, and the quantity we need to react quickly, make products to change the surrounding environment.All new materials to achieve the purpose of the is: with a dose of active packaging plastic can exert its function, immediately followed by {HotTag} under control mode continues to play its efficacy.
There will be a channel structure material and active packaging material and as plastic combination of matrix, the transmission properties of the three-dimensional plastic can be improved.A channel structure material change the characteristics of the plastic matrix, such can transmit gas and make it react with active packaging material.
Three-dimensional with channel plastics may consist of a variety of polymer, polymer with the major of secondary polymer can't fusion, exists in the secondary active packaging agents within the polymer or attached on it.Such a channel structure composed of seems to open a lot of "path" in the plastic, allow gas under controlled conditions in and out of the plastic.Containing the active packaging material can absorb water vapor, gas and odor, etc.Flavor components, gases and nutrients release;Or to a plastic on the transmission characteristics of the gas.This new type of plastic extrusion and thermoforming film;Can also be by injection molding or extrusion into a bottle or jar.
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