The performance of ceramic fiber and its application

Ceramic fiber is a new kind of fibrous lightweight refractory materials, the application field is very wide, it is mainly used for metal and ceramic matrix composites and heat insulation function material, such as applied to aviation, {TodayHot} aerospace and other high temperature resistance and good mechanical properties of components, including ablative materials (such as the messenger of re-entry heat shield, the rockets head cone, nozzle, vent and baffle plate, etc.).In addition, can also be applied in the molten metal or high temperature gas liquid filter material and extremely high temperature heat insulation material and so on.

At present the development trend of ceramic fiber
1 ceramic fiber products and production scale of sustainable development
Since the 1990 s. Some of the biggest ceramic fiber production enterprises in order to enhance the anti-risk ability, have to form a group, and the internal structure adjustment. Eliminated some backward technology and equipment and production lines, made a larger adjustment on product structure, compressed to the poor competitiveness in the international market of ordinary aluminum silicate fiber products, expand the high purity aluminum silicate fiber, chromium, zirconium containing fiber, polycrystalline alumina fiber and polycrystalline mo Lei stone products such as production capacity.At the same time, some of the biggest ceramic fiber enterprises successful development and batch production for special application in the field of polycrystalline zirconia fiber, silicon nitride fiber, silicon carbide fiber, boride fiber such as new products, such as the United States DuPont (DuPont) company production of polycrystalline alumina fibers (commodity called FP fiber), contains 99.9% polycrystalline alpha Al2O3, fiber is 20 microns in diameter, is mainly used in the manufacture of textiles.Along with the development of science and technology, advanced composite materials has been developed successfully, {HotTag} continuous long fiber and its enhanced body mainly, including silicon carbide fiber and whisker in the composite material, the most widely used by silicon carbide fiber reinforced metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composite (titanium) materials have been used in the manufacture of aerospace aircraft parts, high performance engines, such as resistance to high temperature structural materials, is the 21st century new materials in the field of aerospace and high technology.

Ceramic fiber manufacturing process, method and technology rapid development
At present, the "resistance injection method, dry method acupuncture blankets" and "the resistance method to jilt silk fibre, dry needle carpet" is for the production of ceramic fiber of two kinds of typical technology.
Due to the increasingly expanded the application scope of ceramic fiber, and with the development of high and new technology, requirements to develop in the direction of functional ceramic fiber products, to meet certain areas need special functional products, such as make the product has excellent resistance to high temperature performance, mechanical performance, flexible performance and spinning performance, etc.
In terms of manufacturing method, melting method and chemical method (colloid) and at the same time and synchronous development, to adapt to the needs of different varieties of purpose.Melting is often used in the production of amorphous (glass) fiber, its technical content is low, the production cost is low, the products are bedding face is wide, it is mainly used for industrial furnace, heating device refractory and heat insulation base material in the field of application.Chemical method used in the production of polycrystalline crystal fiber, the high technical content, production costs are high and high added value, but the product is still less, it is mainly used for above 1300 ℃ high temperature industrial kiln refractory insulation and cutting-edge technology fields such as aerospace, aviation, nuclear energy.
3 improve the purity of ceramic fiber raw material, the development production ability is
Ceramic fiber products quality mainly depends on the quality of raw materials, ceramic fiber production enterprises some industrial developed countries are in high purity synthetic powder as raw material, make the melting method to produce amorphous fiber chemical composition of Fe2O3, Na2O, CaO content of harmful impurities such as less than 1%, so as to improve the quality of the fiberboard and heat resistant performance.
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