LED downstream application divided in the future The biggest market is still lighting

At home, in the LED industry aggregate, basic no space for small and medium-sized enterprises.LED the profit space, therefore, focused on the downstream applications.
Now LED downstream of the listed company mainly includes the sunshine on frequently in the field of photoelectric lighting and street lamps, and other packaging enterprises upstream chip company also attempt to downstream development.
Regional point of view, is engaged in the LED packaging and application of domestic enterprises are mainly concentrated in guangdong, and on the surface, some companies already have a certain scale, some enterprises in more than 20% profit margins and even a few years ago, but the industry is not optimistic.
LED downstream have differences, the future application demands of technological innovation
The LED industry chain from upstream to downstream industries gradually reduce barriers to entry.Upstream and middle reaches high technical content, capital investment density is big, the greatest risk for international competition most intense, the management domain.Aggregate in LED industry, basic there is no space of small and medium-sized enterprises, and in the downstream, small and medium-sized enterprises are numerous, pattern of chaos.
"At present main component is LED downstream of lighting, backlighting, display a few plates. 6000 to 10000 and related domestic enterprises, but also is home to hundreds of million sales. 70% of enterprises in the pearl river delta region, and part of the Yangtze river delta, YuXiNa and anhui."Frequently on the photoelectric chairman secretary, told reporters.
"Foreign enterprises more concentrated in foreign countries, the upstream chip LED products of high luminous efficiency, save electricity and low calorific value, so most of the basic research abroad, the domestic enterprise's advantage in the aspect of application, because do not have advantage in technology innovation, can only think of some way to in cost advantage."Jiangsu changshu Martin green energy technology research institute.
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