The furniture raise reengineering "the vibration of vibration in question

Set after the IPO opened again, household enterprises, has been in the industry of collective public frenzy, has preliminary prospectus disclosure of more than ten home, to the capital market opening "mouth".
Engaged in production and sales of high-grade wooden furniture products of the vibration furniture co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the vibration of furniture") in the preliminary prospectus disclosure plans public offering of 54.7495 million shares, raising money 602 million yuan, 416 million yuan for marketing network expansion projects, 98.35 million yuan for sofa and furniture and other expansion project, the remaining money for furniture production line technological transformation and information system construction of two projects.
Raise reproducibility "the vibration"
In advance has been disclosure of listed in the household of the prospectus, compared QuMei furniture to raise 1.087 billion yuan, the furniture of financing scale is not the biggest, but compared with the company's assets status, and boost the fundraising plan of household is huge, can even build a "vibration".
, according to the vibration furniture consolidated balance sheet at the end of 2013, the company's current assets of 307.1504 million yuan, non-current liabilities of 186.3806 million yuan, total assets of 493.5311 million yuan;For 154.0894 million yuan current liabilities, non-current liabilities of 15.9846 million yuan, total liabilities of 170.074 million yuan.Belong to the parent company shareholders the owner's equity is RMB 318 million.
The furniture of vibration in the consolidated profit statements, according to 2013 operating income of 541 million yuan, grew by about 31%, net profit of more than 80 million yuan, an increase of about 48%.
As of December 31, 2013, covering the whole country and vibration furniture 166 stores, including 29 directly-managed stores and 137 outlets, preliminary economic developed cities established a nationwide marketing network.
But previous rapid expansion revenues and higher net profit in the furniture of vibration fundraising project before the size of the shade.
And furniture plans public offering of 54.7495 million shares of vibration, and is expected to raise capital of 602 million yuan, which is used in the marketing network expansion project funds reached 416 million yuan, will open 50 new stores and the establishment of independent e-commerce platform, size is equal to the current 85% of the company's total assets.In addition, the company expansion projects, such as sofa and furniture of postpartum will new capacity of over 40000 pieces per year.
The total financing scale is equivalent to 122% of total assets, the existing equivalent to raise money for rebuilding a new "vibration".
Vibration, however, the furniture of the marketing network construction and expansion of production capacity, raised in a big way for projects are not be valued by the industry, many analysts pointed out that in the past two years, with the country (zone) of real estate market regulation, household industry markets continued to deteriorate, the competition has been in a heated state, the vibration of furniture buck the trend for big expansion plan, will face the industry market and their own multiple risk test.
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