The five strategic leading ceramic enterprises development in our country

Today, overproduction, low product class, quality is poor, backward technology, energy consumption and competition, many deep-seated problems such as the still is our country ceramics production behind the rapid growth of the mountain.The future development of domestic ceramics from the following several strategy on can jump out of the bottleneck.
Using scale strategy
Collectivize, scale is the basic trend of modern enterprise.Although much work has been done in recent years, China's ceramic industry, the industrial concentration and improve the market competitiveness greatly, is turning to scale operation, but have not form the scale of the absolute advantage.Faced with the challenge of economic globalization, domestic enterprises should according to the market positioning, get the advantage, break original organization form and regional boundaries, consciously in the market competition by evolution to foster large enterprises group.
Using innovation strategy
Keeping the leading technology advantage is the key factor of winning the enterprise in the international market competition.Domestic ceramic industry to aim at the high-tech, high starting point, high standard to build enterprise development strategy of science and technology, establish perfect technology and the new system and mechanism, not only pay much attention to the cultivation of the consciousness of science and technology, emphasis on scientific and technological personnel, but also from set out actually, the development of science and technology as backing, cogent accomplish in developing the innovation, development in innovation.
Adopt brand strategy
Ceramic enterprises in our country should have urgent trademarks and brand awareness, attention from the management level, service level, product quality, product promotion, staff quality, culture construction to improve the comprehensive quality of the enterprise, to establish famous brand, improve product quality and grades, go the way of brand development, fundamentally improve the comprehensive quality of enterprises and competition ability.
Using strategic management
Domestic enterprises to learn and draw lessons from foreign advanced management concept and method at the same time, vigorously promote the cost, quality, finance, marketing and other aspects of innovation and the management informationization, from management system, decision-making procedures, income distribution and allocation of resources, the sales strategy, enterprise culture construction, etc, the active adoption of new thinking, new method, through the post responsibility system, overruled make HeSuanZhi cost, quality, behavior constraints such as the establishment of a sound and perfect, vigorously promote corporate organizational system, personnel system and incentive mechanism of innovation, optimization of management team, improve the quality of management, give full play to the enthusiasm of managers.

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