Food packing material test methods of plastic food packaging industry far-reaching influence

With the rapid development of modern food industry, plastic flexible packaging has become the main way of food packaging, when the flexible packaging gradually become the protagonist of food packaging materials, the whole society for food safety awareness is increasing day by day, plastic flexible packaging of health security has increasingly become the focus of attention.Flexible packaging of food hygiene safety problems mainly include packaging resin monomer in the toxicity, ink, adhesive, additive solvent residues such as overweight, etc.

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Food packaging as "close-fitting clothing", its in terms of raw materials, auxiliary materials, process will directly affect the safety of food quality, which in turn affect human health.Since 2005, the loading container on food packages, packing materials containing toxic or harmful substances reports emerge in endlessly.The report focused on microbial, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metal and plasticizer on the issue of poisonous and harmful material exceeds bid.Long-term consumption of "poison" packaging of food, can lead to various diseases, such as gallstones, heavy metals, benzene poisoning.Hide the food packaging of "approval", constitutes a potential threat to the health of consumers, have to cause our enough weight.

In the daily life of common ultra-thin plastic bags, plastic wrap, milk bags, packaging products such as high filling snack box for not easy from the living garbage sorting, so use the processing means of landfill.Toxic and harmful substances from the packaging products of landfills in the soil, will cause serious harm to soil, water quality, and difficult to break down the plastic, rubber and so on will become not ticking time bomb, threatened animals and plants as well as the health of the human beings around at any time.

Food packing material test methods of plastic food packaging industry far-reaching influence

On December 9-12 December, SmithersPira conference held in London, England.The European commission will be announced at the meeting in the four-year project research results, has had a profound impact on the project of plastic food packaging industry.

Food contact materials can be in the product release poisonous and harmful chemical substances in use process, these components will happen migration and absorbed by the body, bring some risk to human health.FACET of the eu-funded project (grade seasoning, additive and food contact materials research project) has developed a mathematical model for tool, used to estimate the real use of packing materials under the condition of the determination of chemicals from entering the food value and potential value.

The project has set up a chemical database, covering Europe different packaging materials may contain chemicals.

Recently, the European food safety authority (EFSA) food contact materials approved four kinds of new food contact materials, including two oxygen absorber, a kind of additives as well as a plasticizer.Experts say the food contact materials regulations generally has the material list allows you to use in production of monomer and additives, some of the risk of material more involves the dosage and the largest migration quantity request, producers can according to the requirements to choose the appropriate ratio of raw materials and production.

CatherineSimoneau from the European commission joint research centre will be the theme of "what changed FACET of a speech at the meeting, and other experts will explain how to use the mathematical tools for exposure assessment model.

Irish food safety agency, the European food safety authority, Zurich food control authority and the Netherlands institute of public health experts will also be a speech at the meeting on food packaging safety.

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