Baotou rare earth into the nimh batteries decade "crop failures"

Late December 12, in Inner Mongolia, dilute the ni-mh power battery company (hereinafter referred to as "dilute the division"), general manager Mr Li in the "first financial daily" reporter an exclusive interview, made the above statement.

If the date of preparations for the project from 1999, baotou steel rare earth (600111. SH) to enter the field of ni-mh power battery has amounted to more than ten years, but the implementation of related projects, a subsidiary of dilute the department until 2007 to begin to produce qualified products.Although the meantime, for the modification of the production line several times today, dilute the division is still in the loss.

, industry sources said, thin turn the division of the production line to produce the other possibility is not big, but the "new energy vehicles sold well, without private cars, not demand, batteries, no sale".


Data shows, dilute audiocodes originally baotou rare earth with several American companies set up joint venture enterprise.In April 2011, the us agreed to after receiving $250000 in compensation, exit of its equity, baotou rare earth to hold its 100%.

Website according to dilute the division, the company has annual production of 7 million D type design of ni-mh power battery production capacity.

But its production line after modification, spend a lot of money, and failed to obtain a good harvest.

Although baotou rare earth to enter the field of nimh batteries can be traced back to 1999, but rare audiocodes before 2007 have not been able to formally put into production.Data show that by the end of 2008, baotou rare earth in ni-mh power battery production line put into at least 564 million yuan (504 million yuan by the end of 2002 in value in plus pay day his own transformation cost estimates more than 5900 5900 yuan, not including other fees).While the rare audiocodes consecutive losses, the reason is that dilute the battery products is still in the stage of market development, as a result of production fails to reach the design capacity per unit product cost is higher.

In 2009, baotou rare earth have to again for dilute audiocodes production line, production of hybrid cars in order to achieve goals with nimh batteries.But after transforming production line operation and project profitability is still not ideal.

"There is still at a loss, but the losses have been reduced."On December 12, "he told reporters, the transformation has been completed, but production is not very big.

In the industry point of view, dilute audiocodes production line after renovation, nickel metal hydride batteries this also have exported to the United States to do the supporting cells, "state without subsidies, which domestic auto household, people couldn't afford".

Mr Li also said that the domestic market does not rise, "produced can't sell, because no car factory to bulk sales".

It is understood that rare audiocodes production has not been interrupted, the domestic market is small, mainly exported to Europe, America and other regions."Because the market to digest so much."Dilute the sales people so said.

Betting on future

Tivoli source technology co., LTD. In Beijing, vice President wu jianmin, nickel metal hydride batteries, mainly is the national support is not enough, "the state is now the main support (strength) on the lithium batteries".

At present, countries in regulation of lead-acid battery at the same time, the development of lithium battery seems to be more preferred."From the perspective of the development of lithium batteries have more advantages, can store more energy, under the same volume from the national level is to encourage promising things."Dilute the hydrogen storage alloy company a management told reporters.

In contrast, nickel metal hydride batteries, although from 1994 began to development, but at present domestic hybrid electric vehicle is relatively less, country and there is no corresponding subsidy."Although (loose audiocodes) ability, lying in the market demand but is not strong, it can't spread production, battery, there is no market."

If in the above management point of view, countries to support the new energy vehicle nimh batteries, this is a great opportunity, but "if not in the input, a decade eight years is dead".

Nickel metal hydride battery enterprises is not without opportunity.Although compared with nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion battery energy is larger, lighter weight, volume ratio is bigger, also its safety performance is not completely resolved up to now."In addition to safety performance, the current li-ion battery technology patents in Japanese hands, breakthrough is not now."The above management says, the lithium battery is only a concept, unlike nimh batteries can be a lot of output.
It let he see the hope."Nickel metal hydride battery technology is mature, there is no security issues."He said.

Mr Li thinks, nickel metal hydride batteries in the future is still promising, "national policy is not clear now, the future of new energy vehicles plan from 2012 to 2020 came out, nickel metal hydride (enterprise) soon be all right".

On December 12, he made it clear to our reporter, dilute the future not only won't shut down, but also to expand production.

However, Mr Li this judgment, it is quite a gamble.Because today, the countries in the final selection of hydride and lithium-ion batteries remains controversial."Three or four years ago, everyone on the lithium battery, then national policy is a little change, wind is lithium battery can development under certain conditions, the nimh batteries is to encourage the development, but also look at the final."The above management says.

In an interview, wu also told our reporter that subsidies if nimh battery enterprise, not only dilute the division, the domestic many other battery enterprises are meeting, "now thin audiocodes technology in domestic row not, like byd, corun much stronger than it".
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