The temptation of Internet era LED lighting enterprise don't know

At present, because of the Internet "successful" case one by one, we are ready and are in the market environment, an electric shock a thought for many enterprises, because of the traditional business model competition have been offline in a stalemate.To get an electric shock there is a different point of view, get an electric shock may be to our enterprise's operating model innovation or innovation, contribution to the growth of new do strategic, perhaps is a kind of escape, from the traditional operation mode has not obtained a big harvest, thought A different approach.In fact there is a strong escape idea or speculative mentality;At the same time in many industry body the instigation of "legendary", many enterprises dizzy, and impulse!Like in the spring of 2014 sugar, chengdu rum will be during the streets are all talking about O2O, sweeping the street, I'm afraid the workers know O2O existed!
There is no denying that the Internet gives us life, work and the market has brought unprecedented change, also brought new thinking, new economic development under the background of this made a lot of excellent enterprise, such as millet, three little squirrels, chu, orange, and so on, we how to interpret it for these phenomena, will also affect our operating strategy in the selection.From marketing consulting service in the enterprise marketing work observation for a long time, we need objective view to the development of the Internet, calm analysis, actively participate in, rather than in a fog of follow blindly, "impulse" after "reckless", the original "innovation" turned into "trauma", dilute the accumulation of enterprise original!
In the face of the surge of the Internet, we can have enthusiasm and passion, and expand into the Internet more thinking, but can not be one-sided understanding is become "sell things online," in the Internet age of traditional lighting enterprise how to understand the marketing thinking?How do you do?
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