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Pandora Beads an abortion can take place

Do father's have the right to veto an abortion

Do father's have the right to veto an abortion

Several ohio state reps who Pandora Beads normally take an anti abortion stance are now pushing pro choice legislation sort of.

Led by sales reputation.Bob adams, a group of state legislators have submitted a bill that would give fathers of unborn children a final say in if an abortion can take place.

"This is important seeing as there are always two parents and fathers should have a say in the birth or the destruction of that child, known adams, a republican using sidney. "I didn't bring it up to draw attention to myself or to be dubious.Most often, when a child is born the father has wants for that child, so he should've a say,

As crafted, the bill would ban women from seeking an abortion without written consent from the daddy of the fetus.If the identity of the father is unknown, women would have to submit a list of possible fathers.The physician would be forced to conduct a dna dna test from the provided list and then seek paternal permission to abort.

Claiming to not be aware of father's identity is not a viable excuse, in line with the proposed legislation.The bottom line is:No pops means no abortion.

"I'm really pleased that this has been proposed for one reason it draws attention that many men are concerned and care for their unborn children, exclaimed denise mackura, the director of the ohio to be able to life society. "You are unsure how many men call telling me about their girlfriends who plan to abort, asking the things can do to help her.They do want to help and they ought to have a voice,

Although proposal, men would be assured that voice under penalty of law.New violators would by tried for abortion fraud, an initial degree misdemeanor.The same are classified as the case for men who falsely claim to be fathers and for medical workers who knowingly perform an abortion without paternal consent.

Certainly not a requirement, women would have to present a police report in order to prove a pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.

As happens whenever abortion is the topic, sharp opposition has come from members on the town, with multiple activist groups.The nation's abortion and reproductive rights activist league and the ohio right to life society have both spoken out against the legislation.

"This extreme bill shows just how far some of our state legislators will certainly go to rally a far right base that is frustrated with the pro choice gains made in the last election, said naral pro choice ohio management director kellie copeland. "It's completely out of touch with ohio's mainstream values.This is through a clear attack on a woman's freedom and privacy,

The proposal came about two weeks after rep.Tom brinkman proposed rules that would ban all abortions in ohio.Brinkman, a republican based in cincinnati, was one of eight workers to co sponsor adams' bill.

With the recent liberal swing in ohio local government, neither bill will likely to come to fruition.Bear in mind, adams' less extreme proposal has an outside chance of becoming law a law that would have a major impact in portage county and close areas.

Portage has been among the primary ohio counties in abortion to birth ratios since abortion was legalized in 1973.Considering that 1996, about 20 percent of portage county pregnancies have been aborted the seventh highest percentage in the state in information from the ohio department of health.The overall comes to more than 4, 300 abortions in 10 generations.

Cuyahoga county has the highest abortion percentage using more than 30 percent of its residents' pregnancies being terminated.Summit county is also near the top of the list with a 21 percent cancelling rate.

Mackura doesn't think those numbers often change anytime soon, whilst.Supreme court shows that, whether adams' bill passed, it would probably be ruled unconstitutional by the courts.

"Simply studying this as a possibility is a step in the right direction, mackura expressed. "Pregnancy is a unique human condition and obviously a woman is taragro affected in different ways than a man.As a lady, as i'm allowed sympathize.Of course, to completely take rights from the father is unfair.

"Undoubtedly, even in a married relationship situation, a man has no right to even be told of an abortion.But if a woman doesn't have a an abortion, men sure have a lot of responsibilities then.You know you're always this is do that.Even if i'm pretty sure about what you are likely to say.

What i'm really curious about though is whether the law would work.It's too an easy say"Father unstable"Or perhaps"Ejaculation donor"And privacy laws won't allow a medical center to dig into it. (Or to cross place lines. )

One interesting consequence though is that their such a law would force women to be pickier about who they sleep with.Which is a very good thing the very best. (Though i'm not sure if it's an intended results of the law or not.In case it is, i'm not personally sure this is a great way to the problem.I'd prefer to see men be given the option to abdicate fatherhood at birth than force women to bear kids.But that's sort of outside the scope of this article. )

But if a woman has no need for an abortion, men sure have a lot of guilt then.Almost all fair.

I agree this is often a problem, but i don't think this is for just about any.I suspect that forcing women to carry babies to term is dangerous.Can they keep the baby healthy?Do they really be desperate enough to take desperate measures?

My proposed solution is to allow men to opt out of the duty early in the pregnancy if the women decides not to have an abortion.

Totally light?Nope.But it's not fair that the woman has to carry the baby and the ladies doesn't, it's an naturally unfair situation.

08 02 2007, 07:33 pm hours

Would the prospective father who vetoes abortion also be legally obligated to assume all the medical expenses associated with the pregnancy and delivery(Making use of any earnings loss)And take full custody of the small child at birth?

Correct.It's in the welfare of the child to have two parents providing support to it.The youngsters rights trump the mother's desire to abandon it.

Remember that, if the argument that their youngster is his responsibilty, applies when a woman chooses to keep a baby contact a man, theres no believe that it shouldn't apply to her if he chooses to keep the child.

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