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Web hosting and its hidden facts

Today, almost everyone has the knowledge of the present internet scenario, but if you are the beginner then we have brought a simple and helpful guide to understand the hidden facts that are associated with the internet. Probably you have heard the term “web hosting” with the internet, or you might browse the buds of pages on internet, providing the different affordable web hosting plans to select from. But, what this web hosting is !!? In order to have your website, it is necessary to host it at the web servers from where end user fetches the page to their browser.

Understanding the Web Hosting

A web hosting is the service provided by any company, which allows you to store your website content on its computer or web servers that too are connected with the high speed internet connection. All you need is to select the best plan provided by the web hosting companies, which comes under the affordable web hosting, cheap web hosting offers, dedicated servers, e-commerce hosting, co-location hosting and so on. You can easily categorized the web hosting plans in terms of the cost, programming languages, web servers, operation systems and functionality.

Things to be considered

There are lots of factors that need to be taken in to consideration before opting any cheap dedicated hosting services:

Web Space- Whether you have a simple informative website or a huge e-commerce website, you definitely need the appropriate web space. You can take the space from some MBs to some GBs as per your data storage requirement.

Bandwidth- The data transfer rate to download the data from the user website, consisting of graphic details, images and banners. One should be aware about the data prior to have a bandwidth.

Up Time- The up time refers to the time articulated in percentage for the exact period of time website remained online.

Technical Support- It is one of the most crucial aspects to select the web hosting particularly for a user, who has no adequate information about the technical skills.