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Before the final World Cup qualifying play-offs to have 31 teams, including host, Brazil, determine the qualification won the World Cup finals in cheap fut coins. Play-off first leg game across continents, Uruguay away 5 0 - Jordan, into the South American champions Brazil road still is unstoppable. In the end, in the second leg in Montevideo, Uruguay 0 0 smoothly at home out of Jordan, have the last a ticket of the foray into Brazil's World Cup finals. (link: Uruguay boring flat into the top 32 World Cup all born)

For the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and promotion time

The World Cup group stage draw lots of time

Brazil local time on December 6, 7 0:00 (Beijing time) in the afternoon, FIFA will bahia state capital city of Salvador in Brazil for the World Cup group stage draw ceremony. With Uruguay in the play-off eliminated Jordan, eight World Cup team all the seeds have been produced, they are Spain, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Belgium, Switzerland, and hosts Brazil. Among them, Brazil will provide A set of seeds. (link: the World Cup draw step prediction means the method of group super group of death)

FIFA said that each group of 2, 3, 4 class team division, will be in accordance with the geographical and sports standards to decide. In particular, the European team for 2, Africa, South America team to 3, and in Asia, North America and the Caribbean team for 4 gears. In addition, in addition to the European teams , teams from the same continents, cannot be points in the same group; And in the same group, the European team also can't more than two and buy cheap fut coins.

The first game of the World Cup group stage

Brazil on June 12, 17:00 PM local time June 13 at 4 in the morning (Beijing time), the World Cup group stage will be the first match, at the appointed time, Brazil will be launched this year's World Cup opener in Sao Paulo.

You know what?

Since the first match on June 15, 2011, until November 20, 2013 final, the Brazilian World Cup qualifying match, for a total of 890 days.

There are 203 countries and regions from six continents teams signed up for the Brazilian World Cup qualifier. Bhutan, brunei, Guam and Mauritania has not participating; South Sudan to join the FIFA, the World Cup has begun, so the country is also unable to compete.

The first game of the World Cup qualifiers, was conducted in the June 15, 2011, both sides, for the north American team in Montserrat and Belize.

First goal of this session of World Cup qualifiers, on June 15, 2011 Montserrat vs scoring, Belize in that game, Belize striker duhem McCormick ray climaxing World Cup qualifiers "first shot"..