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Kayaking as an activity is relatively easy to practice as it involves the use of only a kayak and a paddle Cheap NFL Jerseys From China , with the kayak being the most important tool. Although the use of plastic or fiberglass kayaks is prominent, it is the inflatable kayak that has revolutionized the sport and made it a popular recreational activity. With the growing demand for inflatable kayaks, the market is flooded with several leading brands making it difficult to make the right purchase. Hence, following a few tips or reviews can help paddlers in selecting the perfect inflatable kayak.

Kayak Reviews

There are a host of inflatable kayak brands that sell kayaks at reasonable prices. However, paddlers must keep in mind their requirement and the quality of the kayak while making a purchase. A few reviews of some of the major inflatable kayak brands are as follows:

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks: One of the oldest manufacturers of inflatable kayaks, Sea Eagle has been in the business since 1968. Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks are regarded as one of the best inflatable kayaks and the greatest advantage is that they are equally efficient in whitewater and flatwater kayaking. Among the several Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks, the Sea Eagle Explorer is an extremely prolific kayak. Good quality and flexibility are the highlights of the Sea Eagle Explorer and the paddler can also take a partner along.

NRS Bandit: The NRS Bandit is a great whitewater kayak and is used extensively by paddlers. It is light weight and hence very easy to carry. However Cheap NFL Jerseys China , despite being light weight, the NRS Bandit is extremely tough and designed to endure the rigours of whitewater kayaking.

Sevylor XK River Kayaks: Yet another whitewater kayak, the Sevylor XK is great to maneuver in rivers with strong currents. Also, the kayak is sufficiently large to store kayaking gear, making it very convenient for the paddler.

Innova Sunny: Unlike the Sevylor XK and the NRS Bandit, the Innova Sunny is a flatwater kayak and can be used only Class I river kayaking. The Innova Sunny is a great for flatwater kayaking, kayak fishing and camping. Although it can accommodate two paddlers but it can also be converted for single paddler.

Airis Angler: As the name suggests Cheap NFL Jerseys , this is one of the most popular kayaks used in kayak fishing. The Airis Angler is light weight, compact and easy to maneuver and can be carried to any fishing location. Also, the Airis Angler offers several fishing accessories making it the ideal medium to go for kayak fishing.

Innova Seaker I: Yet another classic design from Innova, the Seaker I is a sea kayaking expedition kayak that offers great quality at a reasonable price. One of the greatest advantages of Seaker I is that it can be assembled within a few minutes.

Innova Seaker II: The Innova Seaker II is also designed for the purpose of sea kayaking but accommodates two paddlers and about 200 lbs. of gear. Like the The Seaker II is very strong and comprises of integrated dry deck with mesh deck bags. The Seaker can be setup within 15 minutes, a great benefit for the paddlers.

Depending upon the conditions and purpose, paddlers can choose from any of these kayaks and enjoy a fun filled session of kayaking.