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Home teeth whitening

Everything with time decreases its value and same is the case with teeth. With time teeth also loses the whiteness and brightness because of normal wear and tear. With age the upper layer of teeth which is transparent becomes yellow and hence one has to make all possible attempts to get it white. Because yellow teeth were or will never be in trend. So, to get the teeth in original state one has to opt for teeth whitening treatment. Methods to whiten your teeth:Teeth whitening can be done in major two ways:1) Home teeth whitening2) Dental teeth whitening procedureHome teeth whitening elaborated:Home teeth whitening is the procedure with which one restore the whiteness of the teeth at home. The home teeth whitening can further be divided into categories:1. Natural teeth whitening:In this method of teeth whitening one make use of products which are complete natural and have no involvement of chemicals. Like one can use lemons or strawberries for teeth wheitening. Just crush the strawberries and apply them on teeth. Strawberries and lemon have citric acid and they are good for bleaching. So, they can help in teeth whitening. Just the results with natural teeth whitening are bit slow then other teeth whitening processes. 2. Ready to use home teeth whitening:Different types of ready to use teeth whitening products are readily available in the market. These teeth whitening products are made on the line of dental teeth whitening and hence they involve the chemicals which are used by dentist but the difference is only of the concentration of the chemicals. The various products are teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening gels, ready to use teeth whitening trays. Teeth whitening click here pen, teeth whitening toothpastes. They all are highly effective and are convenient to use. One can just buy them and use them immediately. Such teeth whitening products are savior and help in urgent teeth whitening. Dental teeth whitening elaborated:Dental teeth whitening is done under the supervision of dental experts. There are various methods of dental teeth whitening too. But major two are:Tray teeth whiteningLaser teeth whiteningAnd, these days laser teeth whitening is becoming much prevalent. Keep your teeth happier and whiter.